B'TWIN Village

For the past 40 years, in the heart of the Flanders region in Lille at our site devoted entirely to cycling, the B'TWIN village, our talented and dedicated teams have developed a unique expertise. We just love designing bikes, accessories, equipment and parts with the aim of making cycling easier and more accessible all around the world and where the quality / price combination is unbeatable.

We want each of our creations to be adapted to a specific use, aesthetic, simple and innovative in a way that serves the sport.
B'TWIN's obsession and commitment to quality have grown fast over the years. This commitment, along with our drive to create and innovate, means we can make cycling easier, more fun and safer."

Jean Charles Monot, Brand Director

B'TWIN Village,
global bike design center

The B'TWIN village is the only one of its kind in the world and open to all cycling enthusiasts. Visitors can find everything imaginable to do with cycling. The B'TWIN village is a meeting point for cycling enthusiasts and the B'TWIN design teams. For the brand, observing and listening to users and customers is a source of creation, improvement and innovation. Its location in Lille, a cycling heartland and birthplace of DECATHLON, seemed the obvious choice.

Take a spin around this exclusive concept

Cycling design professions

B'TWIN village, a wonderland for cycling enthusiasts, by cycling enthusiasts.
The brand's full range of experts work together from the product design process through production to the commercialisation stage.

  • The product manager

    "The objective is simple; to obtain an exclusive global product offer that is easy to understand for our in-store customers and that satisfies their needs as users for global satisfaction on an everyday basis.

  • The engineer

    "The objective is to be capable of moving from a paper drawing to a 3D model then on to a full-scale prototype in just 10 days."

  • The designer

    "What is extremely rewarding in this line of work is to be able to transform drawings and ideas into technical, and particularly smart and practical solutions for the products we are designing while adding a bit of fantasy, emotion and fun at the same time.
    The goal is to make our customers want to buy the products, but most importantly, that they enjoy using them!"

  • The modeler

    "The modeler designs the textiles"

    The prototypist

    « The prototypist brings textiles to life. »

The design zones

Each profession needs different tools to perform at their best. At the brand's international headquarters, everything is done so that
each profession can develop and deploy their expertise in ideal conditions.

  • The Prototyping and Manufacturing Workshops

    "At the Prototyping and Manufacturing Workshops a team of passionate experts work together on product innovation and development.
    We draw on our prototyping expertise to validate the design choices.
    We are actively involved in enhancing quality, reducing costs, saving time on product development and improving the manufacturing process."

  • The ADSL (Advanced Development soft laboratory)

    « For the design, modeling and prototyping of our future collections one year before their release.
    It is a structure for research, creativity and exchanging for all the textile teams made up of a product manager, a stylist, modeler ad prototypist. »

  • The laboratory

    "Our laboratory is a place of expertise and communication between our test engineers, test managers and product engineers to attain three user satisfaction goals: guarantee their safety and the resistance and performance of our products.
    Every day, the team is proud to actively participate and enhance the quality of our products and of the life-time warranty for the bike frames."

  • The factory

    "All our collaborators have direct contact with our customers and design teams. We produce according to the demand and are able to supply the stores within one day.
    Our super short delivery circuit means we can optimise all the costs and also our environmental footprint.
    Finally, to produce in Lille is something everyone is extremely proud of."

The services

More than just a store, the B'TWIN village offers a vast range of services, from restaurants to repairs,
and also test zones for customers to try their bikes out before purchasing them.

  • The store

    "The B'TWIN village store stocks the brand's full range including MTB, urban, kids, folding and electric bikes... A comprehensive range and the opportunity for customers to get a glimpse of all types of cycling in one go."

  • The workshop

    "Open to visitors of the B'TWIN village, the workshop offers various traditional services such as repairs and maintenance, but also customisation services for sports equipment. Just next to the store workshop is the regional workshop for northern France which centralises the most technical services for the region's DECATHLON stores."

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