Because a brand only stands out if it makes a difference to you, Because we want to work closely with mountain bikers, Because we want to interact, share and ride with you, Because we want to invent and design tomorrow's products & services with you, Because we want you to experience carefree moments like nothing before, Because we want you to explore, discover and share these moments with us, Because we want the fun to last, Because we want it to be YOUR brand! And because mountain biking shouldn't break the bank...

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  • Trail riding is all about getting enjoyment out of the full benefits of mountain biking in others' company: touring, surpassing yourself, exploring new pastures, challenging your friends, always seeking out the thrill of riding. Decathlon's French brand Rockrider designs these products based on what you want. Welcome to your Mountain Bike platform.

  • Cross-Country (XC), is an Olympic Mountain Biking discipline where the goal is to show your athletic ability by riding as fast as possible on technical trails. You have to climb and ride downhill equally fast and push hard to regain momentum. Our mountain bikes, our XC Mountain Bike gear and accessories are subsequently designed and optimised for racing, with fully developed technical features for the most demanding riders Welcome to Rockrider XC.

Conception of our 
mountain bikes

What's our golden rule? Mountain bike products designed by mountain bike fans that listen to, and ride and test with mountain bikers. These products are well and truly the product of a team based in Lille (Btwin Village): product manager, designer, engineers, garment designers, prototypist,... and always with our mountain biker community!


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